How do I register my pet to become a model?

Just go to the 'Register' page and click on the link to the Registration form.  Complete the questionnaire and email a few photos to register@animaldirection.com. We'll then process your application and confirm your membership.

How much is it to join?

It's free to join, and always will be.

How does it work?

When you join Animal Direction, you go onto our membership system where we create a 'profile' for your pet. We will then get in touch with you as soon as we have an assignment that suits your pets skills, abilities and/or looks, and is within a sensible commutable distance to where you live. You can then choose to accept the assignment or not depending on whether you are available and would like to take part.

I've registered my pet but not had a modelling contract yet, why?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee your pet will be offered a modelling contract. Models are selected specifically for each assignment based on breed, colouring, skills, training, and/or locality.

How much will I get paid?

This totally depends on the assignment, what is required, how long you are needed for and how far you have to travel. We will agree a fee with you before you need to accept the contract.

How far will I have to travel?

We always try to keep travel to a minimum for our animal members and will offer you modelling assignments that are within a sensible commute. Travel costs are always covered.

Why is my pet's photo not on your website?

Because we have so many members, we are unable to display all photos on the website. But this does not affect any chances of being cast for a modelling assignment.

Is my pet suitable for modelling?

Every animal is different and modelling isn't necessairly suitable for all. If your pet is of a confident nature, happy to be handled, is comfortable around people/children/other animals, then generally speaking, your pet is suitable to apply for membership. If your pet also has some training skills and is able to take direction, then the chances of being cast are increased.  

However, if your pet is shy, nervous, does not like leaving the comfort of their own home/environment, then modelling would not be best suited to them.  You know your pet best, so please think carefully before applying as their safety, comfort and well being is first priorty.  If you're not sure, then give us a call or drop us an email and we'll happily advise based on your pet's specific characteristics.

I'm a breeder, can I join?

Yes please do. In your application form, please mention that you are a breeder.

I'm a trainer/handler, can I join?

Yes please do. In your application form, please mention that you are a trainer/handler and any qualifications you have.

Got another question?  Send us an email!